Osagiede Maxwell

Project Details

Foresight Solutions

Foresight Solutions is a professional service firm that offers diverse professional services, – FINANCE, MANAGEMENT & ACCOUNTS, with the aid of our ICT solutions, Foresight is a top channel partner of BUSY Software in west Africa, the website was launched within 3 month period, Foresight Solutions is Powered by custom JavaScript and HTML/CSS.

Project Year

Launched 2021


Foresight Solutions

Service Provided

Web Development


3 Month Duration

Solution & Result

My approach was to present the site as a frontend visual Business profile and SMS portal and API integration

Design Process

Design Sketch

I research and target the right audience, drive relevant traffic across multiple channels to your website and nurture prospects to become customers

I harness the power of APIs to revolutionize the way I provide digital marketing services to businesses like yours

Enhanced applications and improved performance through testing and validations against requirements and
performance standards


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