Osagiede Maxwell

Project Details

Kaysar Technology

Kaysar Technology Limited is a technology related consultant organization that help individuals and company bring great Ideas to life, they provide one stop automated solution for both public and private organizations. Depending on the size and field of organization, they have different products and services that meet their users needs, the website was launched within 2month, Kaysar Technology website Runs on PHP Server. developed with WordPress and custom JavaScript and CSS

Project Year

Launched 2022


Kaysar Tech Limited

Service Provided

Web Development


2 Month Duration

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Solution & Result

My approach was to present the site as a visual/admin dashboard project management and to create custom chat bot for client support, to resolve issues for their users

Design Process

Design Sketch

I research and target the right audience, drive relevant traffic across multiple channels to your website and nurture prospects to become customers

I harness the power of APIs to revolutionize the way I provide digital marketing services to businesses like yours

Enhanced applications and improved performance through testing and validations against requirements and
performance standards


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